How it works

Create Custom Trading Bots in TradingView

TOMMYBOTS is a powerful automated trading platform that allows you to easily create custom trading bots within TradingView. With TOMMYBOTS, you can automate your buy and sell orders directly from your TradingView screen and connect seamlessly with your preferred exchange. Our platform offers unique features not available elsewhere, making it easier than ever to build simple or advanced trading strategies with ease.

What makes it different?

More Control.

Unlike many other automated trading bot services, TOMMYBOTS offers traders greater control over their trading strategies. While other services may limit users to pre-programmed trading logic or only provide basic buy/sell functionality through TradingView alerts, TOMMYBOTS allows traders to use any combination of indicators they choose to inform their buy/sell decisions. As a result, traders can take advantage of TOMMYBOTS' automated trading features while still utilizing the familiar interface of TradingView's alert system.

TradingView Alerts

TOMMYBOTS leverages the power of TradingView's Alert system to execute trades on the exchange. Every trade is initiated from either a single alert or a group of alerts, making it a highly flexible and customizable platform. This allows traders to set alerts on a variety of TradingView elements, such as indicators, lines, channels, and more, providing a wide range of possibilities to build profitable trading strategies.

If you can set an alert on it, you can automate it!

TOMMYBOTS acts as a middleman between your TradingView chart and the exchange, enabling you to automate trades using alerts. Simply set an alert on an indicator in TradingView and configure it to send a message to your bot. In this message, you specify how you want your bot to handle and process the alert. Your bot then uses your unique API keys to connect to the exchange and execute trades.

With TOMMYBOTS, you can set up a wide variety of alert scenarios, including placing market or limit orders, waiting for other alerts to come in before placing an order (known as Group Alerts), and tracking values from your chart that can be used later to set stops or take profits (known as Value Tracker Alerts).

The alert message

To send instructions to your bot, you simply paste a message in the message box of the alert you create in TradingView. You can generate the code using the TOMMYBOTS Code Generator or copy it from the documentation. The message is essentially a code snippet that contains variables and their corresponding values, which instruct the bot what to do when the alert is triggered. Once you paste the code into the message box, you usually don't need to modify it again. You can activate or deactivate the alert as needed with a simple button click.

For example, you could send a message to your bot to cancel any existing orders and place a limit buy order for BTC at the current market price, using 5% of the available USD balance in your account.

Don't worry about the exact details of the code yet, we'll get into those details in subsequent articles.

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