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Multiple Indicators

Incorporating multiple indicators can significantly improve the accuracy of your trading strategy. TOMMYBOTS takes this to the next level by enabling you to combine any number of indicators and conditions. This feature ensures that your bot will only place orders when all criteria are met, increasing the likelihood of success. With TOMMYBOTS, you can create complex trading strategies that incorporate multiple indicators, giving you a sharper edge on the market.
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Designed for TradingView

TradingView offers a wide variety of options for setting alerts, including the ability to set alerts on lines, channels, indicators, and more. With this flexibility, if you can set an alert on it, you can automate it using TOMMYBOTS.

Limit / Market Orders

You can certainly stick to the basics and use simple limit and market orders with individual alerts, but with TOMMYBOTS, the possibilities for automating your trading strategy are endless. While you can set up single alerts for basic trades, TOMMYBOTS offers a range of advanced trading order types that allow you to execute more complex strategies with ease. Whether you want to use stop-limit orders, trailing stop-losses, or take-profit orders, TOMMYBOTS has you covered. With the ability to customize your trading orders based on your specific needs and preferences, TOMMYBOTS is the ideal platform for traders who want to take their automated trading to the next level.

% of Account or $ Amount

Automating your TradingView strategy with TOMMYBOTS is incredibly convenient and easy to use. One of the key features that sets TOMMYBOTS apart is the ability to choose between percentage of account or dollar amount for position sizing. This makes it simple for traders to specify exactly how much they want to buy or sell without needing to manually calculate position sizes. For example, if you want to buy using 5% of your available account balance, simply enter 5% in the amount field. Alternatively, if you want to buy $5 worth of crypto, simply enter $5. Similarly, if you want to sell 20% of your position, you can easily enter 20% without needing to perform any calculations. By simplifying the position sizing process, TOMMYBOTS streamlines the trading experience and makes it accessible to traders of all levels.

Stop Loss & Take Profit

With TOMMYBOTS, you have the flexibility to automate your stop loss and take profit orders at the same time as your initial order, or you can choose to set them up separately.

Risk Reward Ratios

Risk-reward ratios are an important aspect of many trading strategies. With TOMMYBOTS, you can automate your take profit orders based on your desired risk-reward ratio. For instance, if you want to take profit at a ratio of 2:1 (i.e., twice the potential loss), you can simply enter "2" in the risk-reward field. This way, the bot will automatically set your take profit level based on your stop loss level, ensuring that your risk-reward ratio is maintained throughout the trade.

* All features may not be compatible with all exchanges. Be sure to double-check the Exchange Feature Compatibility List before setting up your strategy.


We take security very seriously and have implemented industry leading security protocols.
  • TOMMYBOTS interacts with your exchange through API Keys so we never have direct access to your funds and we can't make any withdrawals. You have the ability to revoke API access at any time should you decide to completely remove the ability for the TOMMYBOTS platform to make trades on your behalf.
  • API Keys are stored with 256 bit encryption.
  • User passwords are stored with one-way Bcrypt hashes as per industry standards.
  • User data protected from unauthorized intrusion using multiple layers of encryption (256-bit encryption over the network). All website data is transmitted over encrypted Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) connections (i.e., HTTPS).
  • Other top-notch security hardening techniques are in place to ensure the safest environment possible.         

Supported Platforms

TOMMYBOTS currently works with Kraken.com, Binance.US, Binance.com, and Oanda.com using the TradingView charting platform.

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More exchanges coming soon!

Your exchange not listed?

You can request an exchange integration on our Discord channel. Alternatively, you can still use the platform with "notifications only mode" and get notified via email or text message when multiple indicators line up for a buy or sell trigger.

Advanced Features

Group Alerts

Group Alerts are the key that enable you to tie multiple indicators together to place a buy or sell order when a series of specific conditions are met. For example, if you have 5 separate indicators or alert conditions, you can say something like: Buy 0.5 bitcoin when all 5 of a total of 5 alerts are received within a 1-hour time window.

OR Groups

OR Groups enable you to create even more sophisticated logic around Group Alerts. By default, Group Alerts have the logical AND operator applied. In other words, if you have a group of 5 alerts, all 5 alerts have to be received in the time window before the order can be sent to the exchange. OR Groups allow you to apply the logical OR operator to 2 or more alerts in the same group. For example:

Buy 0.5 bitcoin when alert #3, #4, #5 AND alert #1 OR #2 are all received within a 1-hour time window.

Trailing Stops

Trailing Stop Orders are like Stop-Losses, but their trigger prices change as the market moves. Instead of directly supplying a trigger price, you give a trail value as a starting percentage (ie. 3.5%). Both Trailing Buys and Sells are supported.

Alert Trigger-IF

With Group Alerts, it’s possible to add some logic to the alert to compare the current value in the alert to the value from the previous alert that has the same alert-number. This is very powerful and useful for things such as triggering a buy order when a line transitions from having a negative slope to a positive slope.

Cancel Then Buy / Sell

The "Cancel then Buy / Sell" feature makes managing open orders on the exchange almost effortless. For example, let's say that you had an alert that placed a take profit limit order that was only partially filled and you want to close out this order at the current price. You can simply send another alert with a "Cancel then Sell 100%" command which will cancel all open orders and automatically replace it with a new limit sell order for 100% of your current position.

Value Tracker Alerts

Value Tracker Alerts enable you to track values from a line (or anything on your chart) over a period of time and then use those values in calculations later (ie. take the low, the high or the average). Value Trackers can be used to set the price, take profit price, or stop loss price in other alerts.

For example, let’s say that you get a buy signal from an indicator and want to set a stop loss using 1 ATR (average true range) under the previous swing low. In this case, you would have a Value Tracker Alert that tracks the values for 1 ATR under each low for the last X candles. Then, you can reference this Value Tracker for the stop loss in your buy alert, instructing it to take the low value in the last X candles.
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* All features may not be compatible with all exchanges. Be sure to double-check the Exchange Feature Compatibility List before setting up your strategy.

How it Works

After your bot is created, all of your alerts and order variables can be managed directly inside TradingView.

1) Create API Keys

Creating your API keys on your exchange is super easy and only takes a few seconds.

2) Create a new Bot

After you enter your API Keys on your account, click to create a new bot. The same bot can be used for all of your alerts.

3) Copy / Paste Alert Code

Copy the code from the Code Generator and paste into your alerts to start buying and selling! Visit our video tutorials and documentation for specific details.

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